How to Delegate and Get More Done

DelegationDelegation is hard. But if you want to get more done, you have to delegate work to other people.

Often, we don’t delegate because we think we can do it better than other people.

As a leader, you should be doing bigger things. If a small project takes you 30 minutes, then you misspent 30 minutes you could have used doing something only you could have been doing.

Your time needs to be used wisely. If you have hired people to do work, let them do the work.

Take the time up front to give clarity of what you expect and it will go well. Tell the outcome you want, but don’t tell people how to do it.

Give people the responsibility and do the work and the authority to make decisions.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to develop other leaders. When you delegate, you help other people develop.