Develop a Purpose Statement

Every business, no matter the industry, can benefit from having a purpose statement. People need to know what you want them to do and how their role fits into the overall purpose. Often, it can be complicated. Sometimes, that overarching goal hasn’t been clearly defined, in a way that everyone understands. That is where a purpose statement comes in handy.

When you are developing a purpose statement, make it simple. So simple, anyone can understand it. When you have a clear statement of what you want people to do, and you train people on how to do it, you are that much closer to producing the best experience for your customer.

How do you develop a purpose statement? First, sit down and talk about it. Get with team members from every area and ask them. What is the one thing they want as employees? What is the one thing that your customers want? Once you have that clear, you can create a simple, repeatable statement. Keep the statement in front of your team and train them with that end goal in mind. No matter the task or job, it all comes back to the same purpose.

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