Discussing the Changes at Disney

Creating Disney Magic Episode 427 Discussing the Changes at Disney

Today, Jody and I discuss the recent changes that have taken place at Disney. I also provide my interpretation of what may have led to it and what we, as leaders, can learn.

As many have heard, there was a recent change in leadership at Disney as Bob Chapek stepped down and Bog Iger returned to head the company. When Bob Chapek stepped into his role at Disney, he came in hard, and centralized everything. Unfortunately, centralizing communicates distrust. This led to mistakes and an atmosphere of discontent.

I’ve mentioned before how business is a three-legged stool. Take care of your customers, take care of your employees, and take care of Wall Street. If you don’t do one of these, you become unbalanced, and it will topple. A three-legged stool can’t stand up when it has missing legs.

Great people want to be involved and make a difference. When you communicate distrust, you will lose your best people. When you get a good team, trust them. Give them authority. You aren’t as good as you think you are. If you want to get somewhere fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go with people.

These are the differences between Chapek and Iger. One led with trust and allowed autonomy, and the other did his best to hold the reins on everything. A good leader knows success comes from people. Value input and be a good listener. Value input above ego, and you will go far.

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