Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary

Good morning everyone

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland Paris. It was the longest day of my life. I worked a full 24 hours that day.

The payoff was large for moving to Paris in 1990 for three years to open this park. I ended up with a wonderful French daughter in law and three fabulous perfect grandchildren who are now 16,13 and 11.

The job was the hardest job I had in my career but the most satisfying.

Below is a link to a Youtube video of the celebration yesterday. I hope you enjoy it…..Lee



  1. Thank you, Lee! What a wonderful way to start the weekend with some Magic from Disney! Thank you for you and your family’s sacrifice in starting Disneyland Paris. It is on my Disney bucket list!

  2. That was very nice…
    Geannie and I went to Disneyland Paris after we were on the Disney Magic for the Atlantic Crossing and he First Med Cruise, The Guest Service there is absolutely perfect.

    We got stuck when the park closed and were unable to get back to our hotel (Marriott Vacation Club – at the time) and a senior manager named Christian from Downtown Disney stayed with us for a number of hours in front of the train station, waiting with us until wheelchair transportation could be provided.

    We also invented the now notorious “Paris Exit” for Rock n Roller Coaster, which is a fun story.

  3. Hello Lee, Great memories and thanks for the link. I had business in Paris this week in our offices so was able to attend the 20th anniversary shindig at the Sports Bar in Disney Village where many Opening Crew 1992 Cast Members got together for a catch up and a stroll down memory lane. 20 years on, we all remembered how proud we were of what we accomplished with you and others on that day after a long haul of two years of hard work to prepare it. Like you said, it was the hardest I ever worked in my life before and since, but one of the most rewarding experiences. I made some great friends for life – you’re one I’m grateful for! Many flew in from lands afar such as Roger Batty from Australia, Leon Goodstriker from Vancouver (the Original Sitting Bull), Bernard Brazier, me from London, Alain Pouey and Mark Vickery and many many others from London, Yorkshire, Dublin, Milan. It was a blast. I forwarded some photos so others could join in the fun to our ex-colleagues in Orlando such as Philippe Villain, Michael Pythoud etc. We were a very special group of people who today are all better Leaders in their own right due to our time on that project. Thanks Lee for all your support and sharing the news. Corinne Winter-Rousset, London

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