Don’t Argue with a Customer

Today, Jody brought up an interesting story I had illuded to when we first started this podcast. In the 1970s, I ran a restaurant in the Fairfield Inn in Philadelphia. While there, there was a woman that came in every day and ordered tea. There was a particular instance when this customer decided to complain about the water not being hot. This story sparked the question between Jody and me: should you argue with a customer?

This encounter solidified a specific understanding for me: The world does not revolve around Lee. Just get the customer the tea.

We have discussed the importance of treating guests as individuals before. When you personalize and individualize how you treat guests, you will have return customers.

If you have a customer complain, don’t get upset about it. It is about the issue, not you. Your customers and employees know everything you need to know to make your company better. You just have to be open when they come up. Complaints are one way you may receive this insight. Chances are that complaints from one can help you serve the many. Don’t be intimidated, but see it as the opportunity to solve a real problem.

We all have customers that complain. Rather than argue with them, do something about it. Take care of the problem rather than creating a secondary one. Don’t overreact, make the adjustments and deal with the issue. Have a spirit to serve.

Be creative. If you keep an open mind and keep the mission to serve the customer at the forefront, you can figure out solutions when situations arise. The little things do matter, so pay attention.

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