Don't Identify Yourself By the Work You Do

When you introduce yourself, or someone asks about you, what do you say?

So many people discuss the work they do. This is especially a problem for those of us in the United States.

Be careful about becoming who you work for instead of who you are.

Some people never recover from having a big-ego job. I get it. Those jobs make other people think you matter. Or, that is what you think, anyway.

When I retired, people would ask me if it was hard to leave a high position at Disney. No. It wasn’t hard to retire, even though I was Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World.

During my career, I never really identified myself with Hilton, Marriott, or Disney. I worked for Lee Cockerell.

People get attached to their job because they work for a high profile company, or have a big position. It leads them to stay too long or keep doing work that doesn’t make them happy.

Next time you introduce yourself, remember this…who you are is more important than what you do.

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