Drive to Execute Through Motivation

Last Friday I started a Five-Part Series on The 20 Leadership Traits that the Gallup Organization has developed for understanding the strengths of Leaders.  Last week was on Direction and how the best Leaders provide direction for themselves and for others.  This week is Part 2, which focuses on Drive to Execute Through Motivation.

 What Traits Do Leaders Have, and How Do They Use Them to Maximize Their Potential?

 Part 2:  Drive to Execute Through Motivation

How Do the Best Leaders Inspire Excellence and Make Things Happen?

 Ego Drive

Leaders with Ego Drive:

  • See themselves as significant and have self-confidence.  Strive to define themselves as significant persons.
  • Seek challenge/risk through which to prove themselves.
  • Will lay claim to significant accomplishments.



Leaders with Competition:

  • Strive to win and desire to win.
  • Measure their accomplishments against others.
  • Look for external measurement to know how they are performing.



Leaders as Achievers:

  • Are never satisfied with current performance.
  • Are intense and driven.
  • Pride themselves on delivering results.
  • May work harder and longer than associates.
  • Have the internal drive to be up and doing, to be working, to be getting things done.  Energetic.


Actually I teach in my Time/Life Management class that the No. 1 best technique for time management and getting things done is “High Energy.”  You get high energy from three things:

  • Proper Diet (including lots of water)
  • Proper Rest
  • Proper Exercise

Next Friday I will review Part 3:  Drive to Execute Through Activation.  How do the best Leaders inspire excellence and make things happen?   . . . Lee

  1. Thank you for the insight and for stressing proper diet. A great machine can not run on empty!! Lets encourage health as well as wealth and success.

  2. Lee…Thanks for this posting. As always, I admire your perspective immensely. I am attending a conference at WDW right now and can’t help but notice your leadership influence everywhere I look. I have also recommended your book to associates I work with at Northwood University. Thanks very much!

  3. Lee – great points here. I’d have to say the best leaders will have one or more traits from each of these catagories. Maybe -See themselves as significant and have self-confidence, -Strive to win and desire to win, and -Pride themselves on delivering results. As long as the leader can communicate these traits to his staff, he’ll be a winner – along with the team.

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