E-Mail Is Talking


We all are talking with one another more and more through e-mail.  One thing that I have noticed is that we often are not taking this kind of conversation seriously. 


What I mean is that often I send an e-mail to someone asking him or her two or three questions, and the answer often comes back with the answer to only perhaps one of the original questions that I asked—and there is no mention of the others.  Even in personal e-mails, I most often get replies that do not line up with my original e-mail to someone.  For example I send an e-mail to someone, and it will say:


“Good morning, Bob:

I hope that you had a good trip to Los Angeles.  How was the hotel that you stayed in, and did you visit any good restaurants while you were out there? By the way did you get that note that I sent to you last week on the proposal that we had from the vendor on a new product for our steakhouse here at the Walt Disney World® Resort, and what do you think about his or her proposal? 


How is your wife doing with the move to Los Angeles?  Does she like it there, and where did you all end up living?  How do you find the schools? We have some friends moving out there soon, and I would like for them to look in the area that you moved to.  Can you please send me your new phone number to give to them?  Take care.   . . . Lee



Hi, Lee:

It is always nice to hear from you.  We are doing well, and we like living out here.  The kids are fine, and I got the e-mail from the vendor.  Take care.       . . . Bob


Conclusion and Lesson:


I think that you get the point.  Now I go back and scan the original e-mail to make sure that I am talking to the person who sent it to me the same way I would if we were physically together.


Remember that communication is clarification. When you write an e-mail, make sure that the person receiving it will understand what you are talking about.   . . . Lee

 PS: I had a great seminar today at  the Orlando Science Center that was hosted by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. A BIG thank you to the sponsors,  Brighhouse Networks, Rollins College, Orlando Science Center and Maitland/Winter Park Observer. The seminar was titled, “YOU Too Can CREATE THE  MAGIC…..We are all leaders for better or worse? Find the leader in YOU….Lee

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