Education and Experience is the Perfect Combination

Creating Disney Magic Episode 441 Education and Experience is the Perfect CombinationToday, Jody and I are answering some questions we received at a recent event hosted by the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education.

One question we received was how educators enhance or improve their hospitality curriculum. Embrace that hospitality touches every industry. It is about how we treat people. Encourage students to pursue a base degree in hospitality and utilize their master’s degree specializing in a specific industry.

Another question we received focused on Disney and how they value education and experience.  Disney cares if you can do the job, not about the degree you hold. They want to know what you can do for them. Performance is key. After that, you must stay relevant in your area of specialty. Keep up to date on industry trends and current standards. This goes much further than a degree.

Next, what is the best advice on what educators can do to help their students land a good starting position out of college? Make sure they understand the importance of attitude, continuing education, and reliability and that soft skills are what people need to focus on.

Lastly, what changes brought on by the pandemic are here to stay? Attitude. People know what it is like to go through a crisis; they aren’t willing to settle for being mistreated by a company. They have learned they can do other things with their skills. Companies need to realize people stay loyal when they know you care.

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