Finding Success by Helping Others

Today we have a special guest Tim Schurrer with us. Tim spent ten years on Donald Miller’s Storybrand team, and now he is publishing an impactful book. The Secret Society of Success.

If I had to boil down Tim’s book to one sentence, it is this: don’t become a big deal. When we think of success we picture climbing a ladder or being the boss. But is that success? If fame, money, and power are not the building blocks of success, what are they? According to Tim, it is helping others win. When we help others be their best, we experience true success.

Everyone wants to do what is meaningful. We do that by asking: who are we here for? In the office or at home, you have to show up and play your part. Take the posture that allows you to help someone else. Check in with yourself and ask the hard questions. How am I showing up as a leader? As a spouse? As a parent? Success isn’t only found in the boardroom. It is found in the living room at home. Everyone matters and that is the mindset that will help you experience true success.

You can get The Secret Society to Success here.

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