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Creating Disney Magic Episode 434 Focus Your Strategy

Today, Jody and I look at how you can focus your strategy and be efficient year-round.

People tend to treat January or the first of the year as a time to overhaul their strategy, but this isn’t the best approach. Strategy is overused. Every day you need to focus on specific parts of your business: great staff, great processes, and great products. As leaders, your need to work on getting better every day. It doesn’t have to be a huge strategy meeting. Be intentional about approaching individualized areas where you have the opportunity to improve.

Knowledge helps you make better decisions. Look at what is around you. What does your client need? What does your competitor offer? Asking these questions regularly will help you take measurable steps toward improvement. Do this every day. Help your team be knowledgeable and equip them to do what needs to be done to provide the best service possible. Take care of your customers and turn them into marketing machines who happily tell the story of how your company takes care of them.

Don’t worry about January. Be consistent and continue working on what your clients need and how you can meet that need and produce more.

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