Get Ahead by Being Nice

Creating Disney Magic Episode 432 Get Ahead By Being NiceToday, Jody and I discuss the impact being nice has on your career.

The concept of being nice is something we learn very early in life. What happens when you are nice? People like you. What happens when you are not kind? People don’t like working with you. More and more, if people don’t care for you, they gang up on you. It can be challenging to respond with kindness when people are rude and unreasonable. You cannot take it personally. The louder they get, the quieter you get. Often, their anger isn’t only about the current situation, but the baggage they brought to it.

Your employees follow your cue. Professionals are there to take care of obstacles. Remain calm when faced with an upset customer. We are in control of our attitude, our response, and how we present ourselves to others. When you are nice, people want to work with you. It is a great way to defuse tense situations.

To move ahead in your career, you must be nice and be able to make hard decisions. You must be nice and get results. If you are nice and you aren’t getting results, you need to figure out why. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Don’t just be a boss, be a teacher. Help your team to get ahead by modeling kindness and reliability to them.

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