Get Better By Hiring Better! Your People Are Your Brand!

Most people have no idea on how to be an effective interviewer. 

Carol Quinn of is conducting her Motivation Based Interviewing (MBI)2-Day Comprehensive Workshop and MBI Train-The-Trainer Workshop  Both workshops are held in Delray Beach, Florida. Any of you whom want to improve your hiring success by improving your interviewing ability should definitely attend this class. I have worked with Carol on these workshops and have studied her book and completed her online course many times to improve my own skills in the selection of new hires at every level in the organization.



For the 2-Day MBI Workshop the dates are October 9th & 10th (Thursday – Friday).

The following Monday – Wednesday is the MBI Certified Train-The-Trainer workshop: October 13th – 15th.

Becoming a Certified MBI Trainer means you can teach it in your organization.


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Hire Authority, CEO



PS: My new book TIME MANAGEMENT MAGIC will be published a few days before Thanksgiving. Great Christmas present for anyone wanting to learn how to thrive instead of just survive. Look for it where books are sold and contact me for bulk purchase discounts.


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  1. Truer words have never been spoken!

    Most of my staff has been with me for more than 10 years. Three have been with me since the beginning (22 years). They believe in the company and the brand. They treat it like it was theirs and that goes a long way in creating relationships with current and new clients.

    Good luck on the new book. I will be watching for it and will definitely purchase a copy when it comes out.

    Armand Girard

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