Get Clarity of Your Supervisor's Expectations

Today, Jody and I unpack the importance of understanding the expectations your supervisor has of you.

Managers need to be clear on their expectations. If your manager isn’t clear, it is your job to clarify and make sure you understand. Ask questions to get the clarity you need.

As an employee, how do you handle an unclear leader? Ask. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of looking bad. Ask questions and make sure you understand. Asking questions will help you learn to do things properly. You only learn by asking questions and clarifying expectations.

A good working relationship will create space for employees to feel comfortable asking questions. If you want people to be successful, you need a rule or playbook for your team to follow. People need to understand what needs to happen and what their part is in that need.

Managers must follow up. Check in intermittently to see if they have come up with something they don’t understand. Anything there is a misunderstanding, add it to a list so you know what needs to be clarified. Utilize resources, like photos, to make sure people understand and have a clear idea of what is expected.

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