Get in the Right Environment to Get Work Done

work environmentEarly in my career, when I worked at Marriott, I begin working away from my office. A Library was the first place I worked away from the office.

At Disney, I used to leave my office and work at an unoccupied office or work from the California Grill when it wasn’t open.

Now, I still do work away from my office, which is in my house.

There are too many distractions at home. My productivity has gone up while working from a local coffee shop.

When you are working outside your usual setting, you get more inspired. For me, I get more energy.

Put yourself in the right environment to get the work done.

There are jobs where you can’t leave to work in a different environment. But you could still consider doing paperwork, catch up work, or your planning time away from where you work.

Working in the right environment will help you move items from your ToDo list to your Done list. The more you get done, the better your life will become.