Handle Difficult Situations Fast

Creating Disney Magic Episode 435 Handle Difficult Situations Fast

Today, Jody and I discuss why you need to handle difficult situations quickly.

No one likes dealing with difficult situations. However, the speed that we employ handling them is crucial. The longer these issues are left unchecked, the bigger they become. If you don’t deal with them right away, you are running the risk of them escalating into a crisis. We need to learn to do the urgent things urgently. Put a fire out right away, do not let it grow and cause more damage.

If you have hard things to do, do them. Don’t ignore them. Often, it is a matter of changing how we think about these hard things. You don’t have to do it alone. You can get someone to help you walk through it and figure it out.

If you have an employee and you notice a negative trend developing, address it right away. If you don’t deal with it, people may think it is ok. How you respond to the little things, like being late, tells people what the policy is more than what is in the manual. Deal with it quickly, it gets fixed and isn’t a big deal.

Your team won’t know what you are doing for them if you don’t tell them. Let them know what you do for them. This is how you market internally and help your team see and form expectations and understanding.

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