Handle Issue in Private and Praise in Public

handle issue in privateOn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I answer a few more questions from attendees of the event in Indianapolis.

If you handle a work issue privately with the employee, how does the rest of the team know you have dealt with the problem?

When dealing with an employee issue at work, be respectful and private.

Handle it as quick as you can. If there is an issue other employees are aware of, you need to handle it quickly and make sure there are results. When there is a change, others will see there was a change.

Tell your team, if there is an issue it will be handled privately. We can all have problems and they will always be handled professionally and privately.

How do you manage change at a company that doesn’t understand how to go from good to great?

You can either do your job as well as you can and not worry about it, go talk to the CEO (or write an anonymous note) or leave.

There is not a lot you can do if people at the top do not want change. If you don’t see a future, keep doing a great job while you are looking for a new one.

What are your feeling about community involvement?

All of us should be involved with an organization that supports your community. Shame on you if you aren’t. We should be looking for ways to help others, not just help ourselves.

What is my story of being adopted?

I was adopted twice. When I was 16, the second time I was adopted, is when I got the last name Cockerell.