Have Less Meetings and More Conversations

Creating Disney Magic Episode 426 Have Less Meetings and More Conversations

Today, Jody and I discuss the difference between having fewer meetings and more conversations and how that can benefit your company.

I recently attended a two-day conference for camps in Chicago. Something that stuck out was the number of things they solved and situations they brought clarity to through involved conversations. We are used to a culture of meetings. People show up and listen to others talk, and everyone walks away without solving much.

As a leader, don’t sit at a table with people who don’t want to be there. Be strategic and get the people who care about the topic in the room. Now you can get to the bottom of things. Another approach is getting rid of the table. Without a table, it is harder to be disengaged or on your phone.

It isn’t too difficult to implement. Take a problem and introduce the concept of gathering people together and getting opinions. Allow the appropriate amount of time. Once people get comfortable, they will start contributing.  Not only does this expand your pool of knowledge and experience, it helps educate others and expand their understanding of the situation.

So, next time you need to start a conversation, even if you are the owner of a corner store, do what needs to be done. Close early, grab some food, expand your search parameters, and add value to the reason people should join.

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