Have You No Sense Of Decency???

Good Day Everyone

The letter below is what my wife wrote to Rush Limbaugh after his attack on Sandra Fluck. Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, I don’t think any decent person would approve of his meaness in this situation. Decent people know how to disagree with an issue without being mean and disrespectul to another persons position.

Great leaders know to be careful about what they say and do because they know everyone is watching them and judging them. I don’t agree with how Rush handled this situation but I am not going to make a personal attack against him. This young woman did not deserve an attack of this magnitude just because she honestly gave her opinion.

Try to be a little kinder when you don’t agree with someone else. Stick to the issue vs personal attacks. How would you like for someone to speak to your daughter this way just because she was expressing her opinion?

Have a nice day everyone…..Lee

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

I have planned to write this letter since yesterday.  I saw your apology to Sandra Fluke on AOL,
but it’s too little and it’s disingenuous.  You “did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke”?  Really? I shudder to imagine what you would say if you DID mean to make a personal attack.

For three days you spewed vile, abusive insults aimed directly at her.  You referred to her
parents’ potential dismay at her position.  You called her disgusting names.

You even went so far as to say that if “we” pay for her contraception, the cost would be
videos of her sexual activities for “us” to watch.  What is that
about?  Are you reduced to taking your personal pleasures through voyeurism?

Mr. Limbaugh, do you know how loathsome you looked while attacking this young woman?  You sat
in your chair, twisting and bouncing, hands waving, jowls quivering, spewing
your commentary like a cobra spitting venom.

I hope she sues the pants off you.

To her great credit, she has refrained from attacking you in a like manner, which I am sure required
tremendous self-control.  She has demonstrated grace and poise.  She
has kept her comments confined to the issues, admitting she was stunned at your
reprehensible attack, but I did detect a slight quiver in her voice when she
told Andrea Mitchell that she appreciated President Obama telling her that her
parents should be proud.  Indeed they should – I would be if she were my

Mr. Limbaugh, I am reminded of the words of Joseph Welch to Senator Joseph McCarthy more than 50
years ago (and in my opinion you share some characteristics with Sen.
McCarthy.)  Mr. Welch said, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency?”

I ask the same question of you.


Priscilla Cockerell


  1. My compliments to Ms. Cockerell. It is a well thought out and crafted note. It will be interesting to see what response – if any – is returned from the Limbaugh camp.

  2. Principled leadership includes respect, imtegrity, and accountability. It is a shame that Mr. Limbaugh demonstrates none of these qualities.

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