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Hello Everyone

As I have told you often, you have to hire better if you want your organization to be better. Hiring better goes direnctly to the bottom line.

My partner Carol Quinn of Hire Authority has her schedule out for 2014. Her website is: www.HireAuthority.com. She is featured in my book, The Customer Rules. Her work in fact is all of Rule Number 9 titled, Hire The Best Cast.

If you want to take her course and you should because the next one is in Del Ray Beach, Florida in February and you probably are not doing a great job with you interviewing and hiring. Two good reasons!

If you want to take the  course you can save $50.00 by using prom code CR39. This is a great code because it stands for  39 Customer Rules and Rule #9.

There are two workshops available:– a 2-Day MBI workshop and the MBI Certified (Train-The-Trainer) Workshop. The next course is coming soon in February.

The weblink to sign up is: www.HireAuthority.com/go

Here is Carol’s contact information if you need to know more:

Carol Quinn

Hire Authority, CEO




PS: Worst Service of the week was Delta Airlines on my flight from Atlanta to Oklahoma City. Southwest saved the day and got me there on time for my workshop for the Oklahoms Society of CPA’s. It was great being back in Oklahoma because I am from there  and because OKLAHOMA IS OK…The Delta employees in Oklahoma City were great. And Jet Blue is  suspect now after closing up shop for 17 hours. Sounds like poor leadership judgement to me. Southwest landing at the wrong airport yesterday was a bit concerning as well but as they say, “All is well that ends well.”…

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