How Leaders Can Connect Digitally

Jody and I are doing something a little different today. We are an in-person recording from Rosen College of Hospitality. Today is a milestone for us, as we record episode 350. After almost seven years, if there is something I have learned about digital communication, it is that it is a great tool and it is here to stay.

Take podcasts for example. Podcasts are not just for talking about one topic anymore. They can be used by an organization for internal communication. It is a powerful medium that you can use to share wins, updates and help reinforce company culture in short, but powerful episodes. You can use it to connect weekly with your team.

Another tool that we have learned to use, especially over the last 18 months, is video messaging tools like Zoom or Skype. They may take a while to get used to, but their potential is impressive. Whether it is a meeting with your team or a presentation for a conference, these video conferencing tools allow you to connect with many people in a way that can feel very personal.

I find some of my most useful best practices for video conferencing are the simplest. If you want to be effective, make sure you are honest. Cover the real issues. Don’t just have meetings for the sake of meetings. Make sure your team or audience is learning something. Utilize the chat features and invite people to participate and ask questions. Avoid being too structured. When you are communicating digitally, being too prepared and formal can make it feel sterile and forced. Have fun with it. Keep it casual, and you will keep people engaged.

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