How to Achieve Performance Excellence

Creating Disney Magic Episode 440 How to Achieve Performance Excellence

Today, Jody and I are recording live in my home office talking about how to achieve performance excellence. We just finished recording our newest course for the Cockerell Academy and want to share some thoughts about the topic: Performance Excellence.

Simply put, performance excellence is implementing an environment and system that ensures the guest experience is amazing. That all begins long before a guest arrives. It isn’t complicated. It is intentional.

Performance Excellence starts with hiring the right people and equipping them. When you have the right people, you can focus on training beyond the necessary hard skills. That includes training and equipping so they understand how to be a team. They will   support one another. Cultivate an environment where they know they are valued and cared for.

Simplify the plan for achieving performance excellence to the following action points:

  1. Get the right people
  2. Get the right expectations
  3. Get the right plan

Hire the right people, train them, and treat them right. This is how you develop a different culture and get different results. Don’t get bored with the basics. Treat people right, train them, give them a future, and value them. The natural response is a team that values its role in providing an excellent experience for your customers.

If you are planning a trip reach out to Magical Vacation Planners . Let them plan it for you. They are an excellent company that knows how to achieve performance excellence. You can reach them at 407-442-2694.

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