How to Ask For a Pay Raise

how to ask for a pay raiseWe had a question from a listener who wanted to know how to ask for a pay raise. Truth is, I had never asked for a pay raise.

I had some ideas, but perhaps my advice wasn’t as solid as it could be. So we found an expert and asked him to join us on this episode of Creating Disney Magic.

Scott Barlow, founder of Happen to Your Career, explains exactly how to ask for a pay raise.

If you perform your job well, you are doing what you have been asked to do. But doing what you have been asked to do is the minimum standard.

There are 3 times you can get raises; as you are changing roles, when your performance has justified a pay raise when you accept a job

Scott Barlow gives us the four steps to asking for a pay raise.

Often, supervisors and their direct reports are not on the same page on what top priorities are.

If you want your supervisor to know what value you are bringing to the organization, you have to let them know.

If you want to make more money, you have to be better than everyone else. Have a better performance. Have a better attitude. Have better results.