How to be a Better Thinker

Today, Jody and I are talking about the importance of expanding your mind. It is beneficial to be versed in multiple topics. The good news is it isn’t complicated to grow in the things you know.

I have mentioned before that experience, exposure, and education are important building blocks for life. When it comes to expanding your understanding, the three “E”s are just as vital. If you want to grow in what you know, be intentional. Make sure you are getting a little something every day. Listen to the input around you. Read, listen to podcasts and make sure you are always learning from the people in the room.

As questions and go deeper with the individuals you have relationships with. Ask them questions about the things they are passionate. Ask yourself, “How am I feeding my brain every day?” The more you encounter, the more curious you will be. Allow that curiosity to drive you to expand your horizon and expose you to deeper levels of thought.

When you have a well to draw from, your self-confidence increases. Make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to take in and learn from all the different mediums you come across.

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