How to Be a Great Long Distance Leader

Remote teams are just a fact of business life now. There is no going back.

Whether it comes from telecommuting, an organization spread out geographically or working with employees who work from remote locations, most organizations deal with remote workers.

Now, leaders have to understand how to communicate better with people they do not see in person.

To discuss this topic, we invited Kevin Eikenberry to join us on Creating Disney Magic.

Kevin is the author of the new book, The Long Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership

Although remote work has changed the work environment, leadership has not changed. In the book, and on this episode, Kevin talks about how to lead remote teams.

With distance  between you and the staff, it becomes harder to check in. We have to be deliberate and intentional. We can’t touch the people on our team, but they need to feel like we have had the personal touch with them.

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  1. While working on my college paper, I did note something very poignant, that I had not thought of. The concept of an organization being so large that it is impractical for management to oversee everybody on a daily basis anyway. Something else people need to consider.

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