How to Build Your Confidence

how to build your confidenceOn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I answer two listener questions, but they both tie together.

With the first question, someone asks about working with a mentor. He is a young man who wants to know how to approach someone about working with them in a mentor type relationship.

It is not uncommon for people to ask me to be their mentor. I decline, though. If I am going to mentor someone I need to see them work and have a personal relationship with them.

But I am willing to give advice and to let you know how I did or would handle a situation.

You will find many people are willing to answer your questions and give advice. All you have to do is ask.

Before you ask, read their books or articles. Listen to their podcast interviews. Attend their events. As you do this, your question may be answered and you can ask a better question.

Working with a mentor or having someone you look up to give you advice can help you build confidence.

But what do you do when something happens that takes a knock at your confidence?

There are times when you will get rejected. Or something you expected doesn’t go your way. And it may knock at your confidence. Keep going. It is all you can do. Usually, when you get rejected, it has nothing to do with you. Keep moving. My entire career was not magic.

When you fall off a horse, get back on right away. Your best days are ahead of you. Get started on having those better days sooner by getting back up.

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