How to Exceed Customer Expectations

 Creating Disney Magic Episode 450 How to Exceed Customer ExpectationsToday, Jody and I unpack a question that Jody came up with while looking at our soon-to-be-released Performance Excellence Course in the Cockerell Academy. How do you exceed guest expectations?

This is a question that any company will benefit by asking themselves. And the answer is simple. Get feedback regularly from your guests. Over time, expectations will become clear. The things that guests value will rise to the surface through compliments and complaints. As a company, you must prioritize the most important things first. Take the feedback on what needs to be improved. Enlist your team to work on them by identifying what needs to happen to improve.

Have the nerve to ask the question, and be willing to receive the answer. Be sincere. Watch for trends. Over time, keep chipping away at the issues that come to the forefront. It is getting easier to exceed expectations because so many companies fail to simply meet expectations. Be on top of things. Repeat business is the name of the game. Keeping your guests happy is simply common sense.

Beyond doing surveys, there are some simple ways you can get inside your customer’s head. Monitor social media. It is free market research. People have no problem expressing how companies fail to meet expectations. Be quick, adjust and get back to them. Have your employees keep logs of any complaints received. Be curious. The more you know, the better service you can provide.

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