How to Handle an Unexpected Customer Rush

how to handle unexpected customer rushesEvery business gets an unexpected rush of customers.

You have seen this either as a customer or in your own organization.

How often in these situations are you left wondering what is going on? Most of the time, this is what happens.

Too many customers leave staff unable to deal with the rush. The line builds up and customers get frustrated.

Don’t act like nothing is happening. The best thing you can do is acknowledge what is happening. As a customer comes in, greet them and set the expectation on when you will be able to serve them.

Keep people informed, let them know you are busy and you will be with them as soon as possible.

Be polite, profesional and cureous.

Never let a customer wonder what is going on. Tell them upfront about what is happening.

And when they get their turn, provide service so good they will feel it was worth the wait.

You can also take steps to prepare ahead so you are not impacted as bad by an unexpected customer rush. Make sure you have supplies stocked and ready to go to lessen the impact on staff. Tell the staff what shortcuts, if any, are acceptable during customer rushes. Seconds matter to customers so you may be willing to take some shortcuts. And you can never go wrong by making sure you have a great product and great service.