How to Make Better Decisions

I used to think Time Management was the most important thing, but I have changed my mind. While preparing the course Better Decisions for the Cockerell Academy, I realized that making better decisions is the most important thing we can improve on. Time management means nothing if you are making bad decisions.

Making decisions isn’t always about what you decide to do. Sometimes, it is what you decide not to do. Most of the time, we make these decisions because of emotions or poor judgment. There can also be a lot of anger involved. It only takes one bad decision to ruin your life. Even your day planner won’t be able to help you get out of it.

In the Cockerell Academy, I talk about two kinds of decisions that you make every day. Reversible and Irreversible. I like to use the example of the difference between the choice to wash your car (reversible) and the choice to buy a new car (irreversible). You can delegate reversible decisions, but they can still cost you in the long run. Especially if not thought out.

Utilize the wisdom of others. When it comes to making the best decision possible, getting advice can be a game-changer. Ask others their opinions, seek out experts if it is something you are unsure of. Too often, I haven’t asked for help because of my insecurity, especially when it comes to areas I feel ignorant about. Giving in to that insecurity and refusing to seek help will hinder you. We think asking for help shows weakness, but it is one of the strongest things we can do.

To make better decisions, try this. Start by writing down what you think are the hard things in your life. Especially the decisions you don’t want to deal with. Identify the things you don’t want to have regrets about. Get accountability and find someone to go on the journey with you. Making that first decision can be the hardest, but it can also be the first snowball in an avalanche of success.

If you want help in the decision-making arena, you can go to and check out our Morning Magic Planner for free. You can also join the Cockerell Academy and take the Better Decisions Course.