How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

Today, we have a listener question from Rich Urich. Rich asks, “Can you talk about the interview process and how to prepare?” Thankfully, we live in a day and age when preparing for an interview is easy.

First and foremost, look presentable when you show up. It is better to be overdressed and need to scale back than to be underdressed and try to recapture the first impression. Dress for the job you want and be in step with the industry. A tech company may have a different atmosphere than a fortune 500 organization. Dig around and see what you can find out.

Second, dig deep and learn all you can about a prospective company. Google is your best friend. What do they stand for? What do their current and previous employees say about them? What are their goals, and do they align with what you want to do? An interview isn’t just one way. You need to ask questions and figure out if what they expect and require is what you want to do. Make sure you walk into interviews with open eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions you need to make an informed decision. There is no excuse to not know what you are walking into.

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