How to Promote Yourself

promote yourselfDid you know people used to call me Low-Key Lee?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your work will stand for itself. People have to know you did the great work.

I made this mistake when I interviewed with Marriott. When I assumed the great work I had done at Hilton would speak for itself. It doesn’t work that way. You have to promote yourself. At the time, I didn’t know how to promote myself

Low-Key Lee was not the person Marriott wanted to hire. Fortunately for me, someone I worked with at Hilton was now at Marriott and he knew I was the right guy for the job. But had the hiring decision had been made based on my interview, I would have never been hired by Marriott.

The feedback from the interview taught me a lesson. During the rest of career, I did a better job at promoting myself and the work I have done.

Make sure you know what you believe about management and leadership. When you are around your boss, give your opinion based on what you believe. It is a way to promote yourself, show what you can do, and improve the company. Over time, if you do this and plan how you can send a message about how valuable you are, you will prepare your boss to think of you when the time comes for a promotion.