How Well Do You Know Your Team Members and Politicans?

Good morning everyone

How well do you really know your team members? I mean really! Get to Know Your Team Members Well!


Make sure that you have a system in place to help you get to know each and every one of your team members well. All of your team members are different! Make sure you get to know what those differences are.

Make sure that you know what their career aspirations are. Make sure you know them so well that you can spot the potential in them that they themselves may not even know they have.

Get to know them so well that you are able to help them achieve whatever they are trying to achieve if they are capable and competent to do so. Get to know them so well that they trust you 100 percent.

Get to know them so well that you can spot in a minute if they are having a problem.

Get to know them so well that you know what they do well and what they need to improve in and then help them do so.

Invest in your team. Invest your time in each member of your team. Teams are made up of unique individuals with unique talents. Know what those talents are and put them to work to strengthen the team.

The more you know about your team members, the better your operations will perform!

Create an environment where everyone matters and they know they matter and your operations will thrive.

The quick way people will know they matter is by you taking the time to tell them….Lee

PS: Don’t believe anything any politician says. Look at how they have lived their lives. What they say is not important.What they have done in the past is important and it is the real truth. And remember, where their is smoke, there is fire. So the best advice I can give you is, “Don’t Believe What You Think.” Think more deeply instead of getting excited about what they say in the debates and on their TV ads. Many Americans believe the last thing they heard. This is dangerous. Speaking well and doing well are two different things….Lee


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  1. Lee,

    Thanks again for the reminder. You are absolutely correct. Knowing our team members both up and down line is critical. It helps everyone understand and perform better.

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