I AmThankful that I am not...

The 3rd grader was asked what he was most thankful for on Thanksgiving.
He thought for a few minutes and then replied, “I’m thankful that I’m not a turkey.”
When he gets older he will be thankful he does not report to a turkey.
For a third grader this is a good thought. I try every day not to be a turkey. I worked with a few through the years and it is no fun. They usually think they are eagles. If they only knew they were fooling no one, then they might pay more attention to others than to themselves.
Having a big leadership title and being a great leader are two different things.
Only others can decide if you are a great leader and not a turkey….you really have  no say in it other than being a great role-model and hoping for the best.
 If you really care more for them than for yourself then your ratings will be high and you will leave a legacy.
We have lots of great managers but not many great leaders.
I recentlly spoke to a group of high school students. When I finished an 11th grader came up to me and said, “Mr. Cockerell, thank you for coming today. Until today I did not know I could be a leader.” This almost made me cry. This young lady did not believe in herself, had low self-esteem and low self confidence. I told her as soon as she graduated to leave this place, get out of this environment. I told her she can be a leader and that she can be
 very successful, be positive and work hard and you will do just fine. She just needed a dose of encouragement.
Another young man said after my speech, ” I learned today that even if you are poor, you can be successful.”
 Make sure you are out there giving recognition, appreciation and encouragement to all….Give them a reason to be thankful for YOU….Lee
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