Incremental Improvement Gets You Closer to a Promotion

Creating Disney Magic Episode 449 Incremental Improvement Gets You closer to a promotionToday, Jody and I tackle a listener question that hits close to home. “How do you lead after your leader has been replaced and you were passed over for the role?”

I experienced this exact scenario personally. Momentary disappointment can be the best thing to happen. It can be an opportunity to learn and grow in your current role. If you can be patient and make incremental improvements, you will work yourself into a promotion.

Don’t get too upset over the little things in your career. Maintain your reputation for being responsible and dependable. It is tempting to show your disappointment, but don’t do it. You are playing the long game.

People are watching how you handle the disappointment. Whether you like it or not, people will talk about you and how you handle things. You never know the conversations that are taking place around situations.

If someone gets promoted into a leadership role over you, handle it maturely. Communicate support and be the biggest supporter your new leader has ever had. Everything you say, good or bad, will get back to them. Be professional. Focus on the work, not your disappointment. Disappointment is temporary; invest in your future by staying strong and growing where you are.

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