Do You Have to be an Extrovert to Succeed?

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryRecently, a listener to Creating Disney Magic wrote in and said that it seems that Lee makes negative comments about introverts.

In this episode, Lee addresses the listener complaint, but he also examines introverts. Lee himself is an introvert.

The key in business is to get people in a role that best fits them. Perhaps an introvert would not enjoy customer facing jobs as much as they would enjoy a role backstage. If someone likes the work they are doing they will do a great job.

If you work with people as individuals, you will understand how people get energy and work best, whether they are an introvert or extrovert.

To learn more about introverts in the workplace, check out the book Quiet by Susan Cain. Or the follow-up book Quiet Power.

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