Jobs and Learning Opportunity with Ken Blanchard

Good day everyone….Below is a listing of jobs for Disney in China, jobs in Dubai and an announcement about a LiveCast I will participate in later this month with Ken Blanchard. Sign up if you want to learn how deal with employees who have quit but stayed.

Disney Jobs in China

Hi Lee

Speaking of Asia, would you mind posting a link to our new
recruiting website:


Jobs in Dubai…….

Wanda Daza, CMM, CMP has sent you a message.

Subject: Great opportunities
in Dubai

Hello Lee – it has
been a while since I spoke with you. My corporation has been very fortunate to
have just finished the first phase of a major international project in Duba.
Our client is expanding their team – and we are hiring 16 new positions.
Thought I would share the career site with you in case you know of someone
interested in applying. Please have a look at our career site

News From Ken Blanchard
Hello Lee

We are only a couple of weeks away from the Leadership
Livecast, which will air on January 25, 2012. If you haven’t already registered
(it’s free) please go to the website at

We’ve all seen them; employees who have mentally quit, yet are physically still around.

Join us for this free livecast and see how business thought leaders from all industries and walks of life address this critical issue. With appearances by Ken Blanchard, Elliott Masie, Lee Cockerell, Harry Paul, and many more.

I will be featured on this Livecast talking about how to deal with employees who retired and stayed

Sign up now…It is FREE: ……Lee




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