Keep Track of Your Problems so You Can Fix Them

keep track of your problemsKeep track of your problems so you can fix them.

You have the same problems that show up every week. Pay attention, keep track, and you can fix nearly every problem.

At Disney World, we kept careful records of problems and mishaps. Then we would train cast members to take care of the problem right there on the spot.

There are trends in every business. There are likely 6 or 7 problems that will happen in your business every week or even every day. Pay attention and you will know what these problems are. Talk to employees and customers to find out where the problems and pain points are. Employees and customers know everything you need to know about your business.

Once you know what those common problems are, focus your training on those particular issues, then let your team take care of it.

Next, start looking at how you can eliminate the problems. You know what the problem is. The staff is trained to deal with it. The staff is empowered to respond on the spot. But why not eliminate the problem altogether.

If you do this, you will immediately see an improvement in your business. Your organization you may have gotten 10 complaints a day and now you only get 2. You will immediately see an improvement in your business.