Leaders Are Great Communicators

Donald Miller is back with us this week to dive a little deeper into what makes a successful leader.

Last week, we looked at how what you bring is more important than the school you attend. Now we are unpacking the importance of character and communication in leadership.

Your character is the foundation you build your leadership and your reputation on. The first sentence in Donald’s book, Business Made Simple states, “No core competency can overcome poor character.” Your personal brand will open and close doors. This includes honesty and integrity, but also how you handle your value share. Or your ability to rise above being a victim and knowing how to deescalate drama.

As leaders, who we are opens the door. How we communicate and deliver keeps the door open to us. Many great ideas never made it off the ground because the person who presented them lacked the needed skills of communication. You have to go through people’s hearts to get to their brains. Don’t try and tell people. Show them the value you or your idea brings. Tell them the truth. Be clear and be passionate.

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