Leadership is Leadership No Matter Where You Find it

Leadership is leadershipLeadership is leadership no matter where you find it.

A podcast listener wrote in with a question about how leadership looks different in a school versus leadership in a business.

Good question with a simple answer. Leadership is leadership no matter where you find it.

The words you use may be different, but leadership is the same in a school setting.

A Principal sets the standards and teachers carry out the standards and expectations.

Appreciation, recognition, and encouragement.

Hire the right people. Train them. And treat them right.

Management techniques may change over time, but leadership will always stay the same.

Leadership is about influence, attitude, making people feel respected and special.

A good leader in education would be a good leader in business. Leadership is leadership.

Whether you work in a school, a drug store, a movie theater, or a factory making widgets, it is never about the product. It is always about the people.