Learn To Not Overreact

New Post: Learn to not overreact.

As a leader, this is a really important thing to learn. Remember being a parent is a leadership position.

No one likes to deal with people who overreact to changes or just news in general.

Some people, and you know who they are, and some of them might even be YOU, react with a negative response at first when they hear something is changing or when they hear some news about something.

If they are alone at home, this is fine; but if they are in front of others and especially their team and do this, they are setting the wrong leadership example.

One important leadership behavior that is important is to remain calm, cool, and collected.  I am not saying that you cannot be firm with someone and tell them the consequences of his or her work habits or attitude and behaviors.  I am saying that we, as leaders, need to stay in control.  Sure, give your opinion . . . but wait until YOU are sure that you have all the facts and that you know all of the details of what you have heard and why it is changing.

Many of the business decisions that are made are very complicated and have had hours of discussion and review.  It is very difficult to communicate all of the thinking that went into every decision, so this is the time to support our Company and the decisions being made.  Be positive and professional when you hear about change!

Have you ever been to a sports event for kids, such as a soccer game or Little League game and witnessed an overreacting parent who is yelling at the coach or the referees or, even worse, the kids?  Remember how stupid you thought that person was.  People overreact with their spouses, partners, children, relatives, friends, peers at work, direct reports at work, and even Guests sometimes.  Stay cool, stay calm, stay collected, so that you will be thought of as a leader who is thoughtful and in charge versus being thought of as an out-of-control manager, spouse, partner, parent, or leader.

Don’t overreact with a quick, mean e-mail, voice mail, or public outcry.  Take your time to gather the facts; and then if you have a case, go and make it.  Be armed with the facts so you are not labeled as a hothead who acts emotionally.  In this way you will show that You Have Learned Not To Overreact.   . . . Lee

Support For Teresa Jacobs for Mayor

I am once again on Mayor Jacobs Finance Committee. As I have told you in the past, she is the only person I have ever actively supported for an elected office. I believe she has done an excellent job in her first term and I want to see her reelected. Many of you were able to make a contribution for her first campaign and she was elected with 61% of the vote. No one has announced they are running against her but I can not imagine a better mayor than the one we have.  I hope you will support her again with a contribution. Below is the address where to send your check. Also, if you know anyone on the attached list please send them a request to make a contribution if you can. Thanks for whatever you can contribute…Lee


Teresa Jacobs Campaign

PO Box 2165

Apopka, Fl 32704



  1. Lee,
    I have compared a lot of your leadership blogs to training my horse. And this could not be more clear to me. I still cannot get over how much my horse can read my thoughts or read my lack of thoughts. The last time he read my thoughts I ended up picking myself up off the ground. After reflecting on what the heck happened, I had to honestly decide that I looked at something strangely, internally focused on it, he knew it and he freaked.
    Now if there is any concern that maybe he heard me strangely focus on the object – I assure you that was not the case – my horse is deaf. My horse and I communicate solely on body language. And now, to keep myself off the ground I need to learn to calmly ride my horse and not focus on objects too much! I absolutely love comparing your blogs to me and my horse! Thank you!

  2. Lee,

    Very well said. I have always instructed my manager to make decisions without emotion. When one does this, the end results is much more acceptable by everyone who is affected. This is not to say that we can’t empathize with those who are impacted negatively by such decisions but they must be made with for the greater good.

    As for Teresa Jacobs run for re-election, I supported her in her original campaign and will do so again in her bid for re-election. I agree that she has done a fantastic job in running Orange County. She is a great role model for all politicians.

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