1. Love Rule #5, What would mom do? That sums it up so succinctly. Mom would make sure everyone is taken care of. No one feels forgotten. From no on that is the number one thought on how to create exceptional service. Thanks Lee!

  2. My friend just posted this on Facebook!
    What a day — get this:
    1) I took my recently purchased used lawn mower into Mutton Power to get it fixed last week and they think they accidentally sold it to someone else as they could not find it anywhere…. I thought it was hilarious! So they let me have my pick of any other used lawn mower — and insisted I get one twice what I paid for mine! They felt so bad and were so great about the resolution! Thanks Matt! I am now self-propelled on the lawn!
    2) Took my recently purchased used car into Don Ayres to get a headlight replaced and although that wasn’t covered under any warranty the guy that sold me the car, Chris Demetriades, went to bat for me and got it replaced at no cost! Again, a great guy and great customer service! Thanks Chris!
    3) I decided to order an 8″ pizza from Clara’s Pizza King on West State for dinner this evening and when I went to pick it up she says “we actually made you a 10″ instead but we’ll still just charge your f…or the 8″ — hope that’s ok.” Ummm — ok! Thanks Clara!

    That is on top of recent events of:
    1) A friend not being able to use his ticket to see “The Book of Mormon” in Chicago so he gave it to me complete with hotel accommodations and the company of three other great friends!
    2) An invitation from two other great friends to a Tin Caps game with a complimentary ticket for this June!

    Dad-gum it …. life is indeed good!

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