Making a Connection With Customers

Making a connection with customersWhen people come to a hotel, they want their room. They don’t want to get to know the staff.

How do you balance top-notch service and getting people to their room as quick as possible? There is a way to give customers what they want and still take the time to make a connection.

When you have time, and it doesn’t impact the service for other guests, go ahead and take the time for a conversation and make the guest feel special.

How can we identify and realize what the customer really wants?

Pay attention to people. Read off of your customer to help them get what they really want. Then find a way to give them a little more. Something extra to make a connection.

Housekeepers from Disney get invited to weddings from guests at Disney. Guests get so connected to housekeepers and other hotel staff they form long term, life long friendships.

Making a connection with a customer can make the difference between a one-time customer and a lifelong customer.