Making Old Ideas New Again

making old ideas new again lee cockerell creating disney magicThis episode was recorded while I was in Italy. The sound quality is not the best because I had to find an internet connection that worked good enough to record.

There is a reason I wanted to make sure we recorded an episode while I was in Italy. I have said before, the best way to gain exposure and exposure is to travel. When you meet people from other countries, you will find out they are as wonderful as your neighbors. Spending time with them will open your eyes to new ideas and new ways of doing the things you are most comfortable with.

Which bring me to the topic of this episode, making old ideas new again.

Disney took an old idea, Minature golf, and made it feel new again. Disney miniature golf courses don’t feel like the old boring mini-golf courses you might expect. They are special. They tell a story.

There is a lesson you can learn from a Disney Miniature golf course. You can take anything and make it better. An old idea can be new again if you add your own spin, your own story to it. An old idea can be new again if you find a way to do it better than you have been doing it.

We all get set in our ways and accept things are the way they are. We get lazy. Take time to consider if you are as good as you could be? Are you as good as you should be? Can you do better?

Go out and get new ideas and apply them to what you do. Go somewhere you might not expect to get new ideas. Start with a game of miniature golf.

Don’t settle for average. Ask people around you; customer, coworkers, vendors, and get new ideas. Always be on the lookout for a way to get better. Each day you are not getting better you are getting worse.

The audio version of Career Magic is now available. You can get it here.