Manage by Walking Around (Podcast)

Lee Cockerell Creating Disney MagicWhen Lee Cockerell was a hotel general manager, he would walk around the hotel. Three times each day he would walk through the hotel, greeting staff members and inspecting rooms.

What are the benefits of managing by walking around?

Staff will see you every day. You can build relationships you would not if you were behind a desk. You can see what really happens in your business.

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  1. Great points Lee- I’ve spent my entire career in retail from the time I turned 16 and 40 years later I’m still involved with it.

    Leaders sometimes worry too much about a number on a piece of paper. When they see a bad one they start yelling and at first, they get positive results, but then it falls back to where it was.

    The good managers are out on the sales floor coaching employees, giving feedback, and modeling the behaviors they want their teams to do, as well as talking to the customer and getting feedback on how they are doing.

    What I have seen is that though they may not be able to turn numbers around as quickly in the short term, in the long term they get sustained results!

    I listen to your books via audio. When’s your new one coming to audible? I enjoy listening to you on my long drives to work.

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