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Creating Disney Magic Ep 470 Manage Like a Mother

“Women are natural born leaders. The things that women do at home and they do it in a Very naturally because it’s their motherly instinct…” – Valerie Cockerell

Mothers make outstanding leaders. In this episode, a great mom I know is talking about her new book. Valerie Cockerell, my daughter-in-law, has published a new book called “Manage Like a Mother: Leadership Lessons Drawn from the Wisdom of Mom”.

We recently had a conversation where she shares her experiences and insights on the parallels between motherhood and leadership. Valerie explains that mothers, like leaders, must adapt, learn on the job, and constantly strive for the best outcomes for their loved ones. This book dives deep into the lessons learned from being a mother and how they can be applied to the business world.

Just like there’s no perfect playbook for motherhood, leaders often face unique challenges that can’t be solved with a simple step-by-step guide. It takes a willingness to learn on the job. There is no doubt that mothers and leaders know the value of adaptation, agility, and a willingness to keep learning and growing. Good mothers and leaders always seem ready to face challenges as they come.

Mothers, just like leaders, want to see their children succeed and be happier than they were. Similarly, successful leaders aim to empower those around them to become great leaders themselves, creating a positive ripple effect that continues to grow. Just like no two children have the exact same mother, leaders evolve and adapt too. Each person and each situation brings new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Make sure to listen to this episode for Valerie Cockrell’s perspective on what it means to manage like a mother. How will you use these lessons to transform your leadership approach?

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Episode Highlights

[00:02:18] Valerie Cockerell’s new book about parallell between motherhood and leadership

[00:06:30] Learning on the job and adapting to challenges

[00:13:06] Men must become advocates for women.

[00:17:17] Gaps in women’s resumes should not be seen as setbacks, but as opportunities to develop leadership skills.

[00:19:58] Different perspectives shape our effective teamwork.

[00:22:37] In evolution, men relied on strength, while women collaborated defensively; this may explain women’s emotional intelligence and collaboration.