Navigating Corporate Culture

This week, we’re answering a listener question about navigating corporate culture.

This listener, Melissa, used to work for a small company but has now taken a corporate job. She’s worried about the adjustment. She’s used to working in a place where things happened very quickly and doesn’t want to get frustrated with all of the red tape and the speed at which things move in a large organization.

It’s very easy to get frustrated in a transition like this. When you’re used to things going quickly and are now always waiting for 10 people to sign off on one thing, you might struggle.

The best thing you can do is what I always advise: get up every morning, go to work, and be the best employee you can be.

Be yourself, help people, and set an example of the kind of culture you desire.

This will make it clear from the very beginning that you’re there to make things better.

If you go in and be great, others around you will become great just by watching you.

Melissa also asked how to be a great ambassador between the team she’s leading and those who work above her. Doing this is all about building a trustworthy reputation.

Always be honest and treat those who report to you well. Work for the situation and not for the person. Live out your principles, no matter what. If you combine your leadership style with your morals, you will always be doing the right thing.

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