Now is the Opportunity to Get a Job

This week, I am taking you to my favorite coffee shop, Coffee for the Soul, in Orlando. After a three-night stay in the hospital, I’m glad to be getting out and about and to offer some tips for those who may be looking to land their dream job.

Now is the time. As everywhere is opening back up and capacity limits are starting to lift, everywhere is hiring. I often get asked how to get a foot in the door at Disney. If you have dreamed of working for Disney, there is no better time than now. These tips can be applied to most prospective employers.

If you are looking for work, pick the company (or 2 or 3) that you want to work for and apply. It may not be your dream job or your end goal, but now is the time to get your foot in the door. Once you are in, you can set yourself apart and show what you can bring to the table.

Don’t be afraid of short-term suffering to set yourself up for long-term satisfaction. For example, if your dream is to work for Disney, you will have more success with your feet on the ground in Orlando than you will be sending in a resume from the West Coast. If you can, take the leap and get yourself to Orlando. Go where the jobs are. Then apply. Get your foot in the door. Go to the bars the cast members hang out, and start networking. At Disney, promotions come from within, so your first step is gaining entry.

There is a huge need right now and, there is no reason you can’t be the one to fill it. 

Another thing that can help you stand out once you get your foot in the door is joining the You can be a leader long before you have the title or position.


And if want to make sure you can get in while capacity is still limited at Disney, make sure to connect with Magical Vacation Planners at 407-442-2694.


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