Pay Attention to People

Creating Disney Magic Ep 474 Pay attention to people

“Make things better through your people, not through you.”

Paying attention to people is an essential leadership skill. It can lead to improved performance, employee satisfaction, and overall success. The root of everything, good or bad, lies in great people. When leaders are clear with expectations, provide training, appreciation, recognition, and development, employees pay attention to the details. It all starts with people.

Sadly, some leaders neglect their responsibility towards their team. They don’t know their people, don’t care about their career, and fail. Creating an environment of trust, appreciation, positive feedback, and emotional safety is crucial for productivity and growth. Understand that people are sensitive and fragile. Treat them well, and they will thrive.

Remember, it’s not just about attention to operational detail. People need attention too! Notice when something has changed with your team. A gentle approach can save their career, their view of the company, and even their personal struggles. Pay attention! In challenging times like these, anxiety and depression are prevalent. It’s our responsibility to be alert and pay attention to everyone in our lives. Look for signs that people need support and positive interaction. Let’s be there for one another.

Attention to people is the heart of effective leadership. When leaders prioritize their team’s well-being, everything else falls into place. Let’s commit to being leaders who create magic by paying attention to the people who make it all possible.

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Episode Highlights

[00:01:11] Good leaders train, appreciate, recognize, and develop employees.

[00:03:59] Impactful communication key for emotional well-being.

[00:07:33] Pay attention to signs of anxiety and depression.

[00:09:50] Most important things as a leader are details and people.