People Who are Included are Committed

people who are included are committedOn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, I answer several listener questions.

How does taking care of customers and employees reduce risk?

When you treat people right and are sincere it creates an environment and culture where guests want to help you. Guests will report issues before they are real problems because they like your company and want to help.

Is there a difference in running meetings with volunteers versus meetings with employees?

Including volunteers makes them feel part of what is going on in the organization. When people are included, they are committed. This is true for anyone, whether they are a volunteer or on the payroll.

What ride or show did I enjoy at Disney World?

I enjoyed Rockin’ Roller Coaster because it woke me up.

What advice do I have for people dissatisfied with their job?

At Disney, we spend time and money making sure we hire the right people. Most cast members are satisfied with their jobs. But most people are not satisfied with their jobs. Usually, this is because of the environment and culture.

How do you transition to a new career role outside of your experience?

Think about what you do well. What would an employee be impressed with? Not technical capabilities. What makes you unique? Tell them who you are not what you’ve done.