Preparing for the Next Level of Your Career

Creating Disney Magic Ep 476 Preparing for the Next Level of Your Career

“People don’t like a lot of the jobs they have to do, but they look back on them and think, ‘wow! Look how much I learned back then’.”

As you climb the professional ladder each level brings new challenges and competition. Prepare yourself by acquiring knowledge, gaining experience, and seeking exposure to new ways of doing things. During this conversation Jody and I discuss preparing for the next level of your career. The journey to success requires continuous growth.

While getting a promotion is certainly something to celebrate, it is also easy to feel overwhelmed. If you feel like you’re playing catch-up, don’t panic. Seek support, ask questions, and invest in your development. Remember, technical skills can be learned, but soft skills like time management and communication are equally crucial.

On the flip side, if you’re promoting someone into a leadership role, ensure they are equipped for success. Provide training, mentorship, and resources such as the Cockrell Academy to help them develop essential skills and unleash their potential. Investing in your team’s growth is investing in your organization’s future.

Time management is critical if you want to move from planning to success. Don’t let time slip away from you. Develop effective time management skills to stay organized and focused. Schedule important tasks, prioritize wisely, and make time for activities that matter to you. Don’t let years pass by without achieving the personal and professional milestones you aspire to.

Never underestimate how much you can learn and grow. Seek specialized knowledge, invest in courses like the Cockrell Academy, or reach out for coaching and counseling. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to excel in any setting and unleash your true potential.

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Episode Highlights

01:30 Competition is increasing; experience and skills are important.

03:16 Exposure to new cities and ways of doing things elevates one’s level.

07:30 Exposure, experience, and knowledge lead to growth.

11:57 Time management; schedule the things that are important to you.

13:36 Promoting someone lacking experience but has potential.